Exclusive: Blu-ray successor will cost $3 for a 1TB drive… but you’ll also need a $3,000 drive

Despite the rumors, it seems that optical media is not dead – at least not yet.

Streaming may have pushed physical media (DVD and Blu-ray) out of the spotlight, into dollar stores and the occasional bucket, but Folio Photonics, a startup that covered extensively in 2022, it wants to break this trend and open up a new market for optical media: enterprise.

Intel and Microsoft are working again in Russia

Russian media reports that Intel and Microsoft have restarted operations in Russia and Belarus after being initially halted as a result of the former’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions imposed on the country.

Intel reportedly suspended all shipments to Russia in February 2022, two months before halting all business operations there, leaving Russian customers without access to software updates and other downloads.

I’m not ready for a furry spider in this Elden Ring like Chinese RPG

Through a Wes Anderson-esque stop-motion trailer, publisher Game Science announced the release window for their upcoming action RPG Black Myth: Wukong. A game that looks a bit like Elden Ring if set in Chinese mythology.

We can expect Black Myth: Wukong to be released around mid-2024. It may seem like a while for those still wearing 2022 hats, but it’s actually only 18 months. Which isn’t all that long, unless you’re a rabbit.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion Remake release window revealed by a shirtless demon

Great news for fans of the Elder Scrolls: Skyblivion, the ambitious fan-made recreation of Oblivion on the Skyrim engine, has finally made its release after years of updates. Skyblivion is an attempt to rebuild the entirety of Skyrim’s predecessor in a modern engine.

The latest Skyblivion trailer reveals that the project, which has been in development since 2017, is set to release in 2025. While it’s still a bit far off, it’s reassuring to know that the mod has a confirmed release window. At this rate, Skyblivion could come out ahead of Elder Scrolls 6.

Thousands of Norton LifeLock customer accounts were hacked

Norton LifeLock said a large number of customer accounts were affected by the breach.

A customer notification from Gen Digital, Norton’s parent company, stated that the breach was likely the result of a credential stuffing attack where cybercriminals use lists of previously leaked passwords to break into numerous accounts used by victims, assuming they will use this same password for multiple services.

Google Stadia launches last game before it dies

Google Stadia may be shutting down in just a few days, but that hasn’t stopped Google from releasing one last game for the ill-fated streaming device.

Now playable on Google Stadia, Worm will be very familiar to anyone who owned a phone in the early 2000s. It’s basically Snake, albeit with some modern additions like colorful visuals and multiple game modes.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 could feature a massive camera upgrade over the Z Fold 4

Now that 2023 is well underway, rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 are popping up fast and thick, with the latest speculation surrounding the upcoming foldable camera setup.

According to a new report from a Vietnamese tech store Pixel (opens in a new tab)The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 could replace the 50MP rear camera used by its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, with a much more powerful 108MP rear sensor (like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra).

How DirectStorage 1.1 could make Windows 11 an essential upgrade for PC gamers

Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1, a feature that uses the GPU to speed up loading times, has just been tested with comparisons between AMD, Intel and Nvidia graphics cards – with very interesting results. In short, it looks like this feature will significantly speed up loading with NVMe SSDs.

How Tom’s gear (opens in a new tab) reports, compile (opens in a new tab) developed a comparative test of this german tech site Computer game equipment (opens in a new tab) (PCGH) used to obtain results for AMD’s RX 7900 XT versus Intel’s Arc A770, as well as Nvidia’s RTX 4080.

The Brave browser wants to make it easier for users to access Tor

Brave users can now contribute to the fight against online censorship with the latest update.

Brave version 1.47 allows users around the world to turn their devices into a proxy service to give people around the world access to the Tor Browser.

Google’s DeepMind says it will launch a more grown-up rival to ChatGPT soon

DeepMind, a Google subsidiary, says it may launch a rival ChatGPT soon – and its chatbot promises to be a safer kind of AI assistant.

DeepMind has been a pioneer in AI research for the past decade and was acquired by Google nine years ago. However, after ChatGPT steals the latest headlines, said Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind Time (opens in a new tab) that it is considering releasing its own chatbot called Sparrow for “private beta” in 2023.