Garmin’s best outdoor sports watch could get a huge sequel soon

Garmin is working on a super-sized new watch that could be a follow-up to its five-star outdoor sports watch, the Garmin Instinct 2, according to several listings on regulators’ websites.

First spotted by Flo of Fitness Tracker Test, who often reports tips and leaks about upcoming models, a list with the same registration number appeared on Singapore Government website (opens in a new tab) as good as US Federal Communications Commission (opens in a new tab). This has also been discussed on our sister site adventure.

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This gang of cybercriminals will now stop at nothing to extort money using your private data

Ransomware (opens in a new tab) a group known as BianLian decided to part ways with its encryption tool and instead focus solely on data theft and extortion, according to experts,

A new report by Redacted cybersecurity researchers has noted that BianLian is trying to extort money from companies – without first encrypting their endpoints.

AWS has finally released a major update to its own-brand Linux build

Amazon finally has released (opens in a new tab) the latest major release of a native Linux distro after RC teased us last year.

Last year’s edition, aptly named AL 2022, consisted only of release candidates, leaving users waiting for full distribution, however the company finally announced AL 2023.

The new Castle stereo speakers with a mahogany finish are all I need

The spherical white wireless speakers that talk to each other and send audio to certain rooms with a wave of the hand (or a tap on the app) are cute, but sometimes I miss a simpler time – a time when nothing distracted me from my evolving music collecting saves callers my parents’ landline. Then it was a frantic run to the receiver against my sister.

At the top of my nostalgic wish list from that time? A pair of top stereo speakers, I mean bookshelf hi-fi speakers – passive wooden boxes that allowed me to take the grilles off and see the cones vibrate as sound waves emanated from them. I’m talking about the speakers, which required some time and dedication to set up, as well as cabling and a separate preamplifier and power amplifier.

Apple Arcade players can now enjoy some of the best iOS controllers

This is great news for iOS device owners and Apple Arcade subscribers, as 8BitDo has updated its excellent third-party controllers to support Apple phones, tablets, and computers.

8BitDo announced today that its controllers are now officially compatible with iOS, tvOS, and macOS devices. This includes the iPhone 14, MacBook Air, and Apple TV 4K streaming device. You just need to make sure you have the latest firmware update installed on your hardware of choice.

This free app stops the AI ​​from stealing your graphic style

Researchers have created a free tool that they claim can help stop text-to-image conversions artificial intelligence tools copying the artist’s style.

Known as Glaze, the University of Chicago research project allows artists to add a layer of masking to their work, making it harder for AI art generators to rip off artists’ work.

Counterfeit Samsung SSDs can make upgrading your PC or PS5 a nightmare

The Samsung 980 Pro may be three years old, but it’s still a fairly popular PCIe 4.0 solid-state drive (SSD) that remains more affordable than its successor, the Samsung 990 Pro. However, it seems that the huge popularity of SSDs has resulted in counterfeits that infiltrate the market Tom’s equipment.

As one of best SSDs there news is not so much of a surprise, although it is definitely something consumers should be aware of when planning to buy a drive.

Intel is apparently canceling its most intriguing hybrid CPU

Intel’s project, which took about two years to complete (and possibly a few more years of research), has been cancelled, meaning the company will no longer be focusing its efforts on creating a CPU-VPU hybrid, at least for now.

Intel, codenamed Thunder Bay, has been working on a system-on-chip (SoC) combining CPU cores from the Xeon processor with VPU cores from Movidius, having acquired the company in 2016 for vision processor designs.

Police arrest BreachForums owner on cybercrime charges

According to reports, the alleged owner and super administrator of the underground hacking forum BreachForums has been arrested.

The FBI arrested a person named Conor Brian FitzPatrick, who confirmed to law enforcement that he used the alias Pompompurin – the owner and administrator of BreachForums.

An iPhone 15 Pro leak suggests it could make a controversial button change

A new iPhone 15 Pro leak suggests that the upcoming smartphone may ditch a design feature that has always been present in iPhones: the mute switch.

As noted Mac rumors (opens in a new tab), leaker ShrimpApplePro posted a video leaked to its Chinese TikTok counterpart that shows some new CAD (computer-aided design) images of the iPhone 15 Pro series. This video suggests that the “Pro” models of the iPhone 15 series could make some significant button tweaks.