Sorry, your Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse fan theories are ‘far from the ground’

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Versethe directors are having fun reading all the fan theories about the upcoming movie. Unfortunately for you, most of them are “far from base”.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar during the lengthy press day leading up to the release of the next Spider-Man movie, Kemp Powers and Joaquim Dos Santos confirmed that they have yet to see a fan theory come close to being right.

The Asus ROG Ally price leak suggests the entry-level model may not be as cheap as we’d hoped

We’ve just seen another Asus ROG Ally pricing leak, this time for the less powerful Steam Deck rival model – and it looks like the lower-tier handheld will cost $599.99 in the US.

As marked by Edge (opens in a new tab) (By VideoCardz (opens in a new tab)), that’s the claim of Twitter-based SnoopyTech claiming it will be the ROG Ally’s MSRP with a vanilla AMD Z1 processor and 256GB of memory (courtesy of an M.2 SSD).

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PS Plus: price, games, subscription levels

PS Plus was restructured last year and is now divided into tiers. Each level costs a little more than the previous one, but offers players a different selection of games to download.

The PlayStation game subscription service bundles PS Plus and PS Now into a neat package for PS4 and PS5. It was only a matter of time before Sony responded to the giant that is Xbox Game Pass, but it is not a similar competitor.

YouTube Premium just became a much better value for iOS subscribers

YouTube Premium just got a much better value for iOS app users as it finally launched a new higher quality video option for all iPhone subscribers.

After experimenting with different video options over the last few months – including briefly blocking access to 4K video behind a firewall – YouTube decided to introduce 1080p Premium in addition to the existing options. This bitrate-enhanced 1080p version promises to be “extremely crisp and clear” according to YouTube blog post (opens in a new tab)giving Premium members access to less compressed videos.

Tired of virtual Microsoft Teams environments? You can now use Snapchat lenses instead

Despite recent announcements about improvements to Teams filters and backgroundsthe interactive elements of video conferencing software were a bit disappointing compared to social media platforms.

In his latest Teams update, however, Microsoft is building on the success of Snap by integrating more than 20 Snapchat lenses directly into the Teams experience without additional software.

BioShock 4: everything we know about the new BioShock

BioShock 4 is technically still slated for release at some point, even though there have been no updates since its announcement over two years ago. Since then, almost nothing has been revealed about BioShock’s next major title.

When it finally releases, it’s unlikely the next major BioShock game will be called BioShock 4. For now though, that’s what we’re calling it until 2K Games reveals the true title. It’s not just a title we’re waiting for. At the time of writing, no release window or setting information has been announced.

A leaked iPhone 15 Pro dummy has teased many rumors about design changes

iPhone 15 Pro rumors have been swirling around a lot lately, with the latest leak apparently confirming many of the design changes we heard about in 2023.

While a series of unofficial iPhone 15 Pro renders have recently given us our best look at Apple’s next flagship phone, an alleged iPhone 15 Pro dummy has been posted on a Chinese social media platform Douyin (opens in a new tab) – has now offered a hands-on look at the expected successor to the excellent iPhone 14 Pro.

Microsoft will not be removing this popular Exchange Online feature just yet

In September 2022, the deprecation of Exchange Online Client Access Rules (CAR) was announced, leading to the shutdown of inactive tenants in October 2022. However, the notice to CAR users has been extended.

CARs were to be phased out from September 2023, giving users one year to migrate. However, it looks like the company has extended this for some users until September 2024.

Google is killing off third-party smart displays – and its voice assistant could be next

Google has quietly announced that it has ended software support for third-party smart displays from Lenovo, JBL and LG – and the move is another nail in the coffin of the current Voice Assistant.

As noted 9to5Google (opens in a new tab)Google states on a Support page (opens in a new tab) for the video calling service Duo (now Google Meet) that it “no longer provides software updates” for five third-party smart displays.

The swashbuckling trailer of Disney Plus’s Peter Pan and I’m Addicted

Disney has released the latest trailer for its production Peter Pan and Wendy movie premiering on Disney Plus on April 28, 2023 – and the combination of swashbuckling action, growling Jude Law and tons of great shots of flying people/ships has officially piqued my interest.

I already noticed him, only because he directed it and co-wrote it with David Lowery, who also wrote and directed the fantastic Green Knight, with whom the new Disney movie seems to share some themes. But you never know how much a director will be able to go through on a major Disney project, and it looks like there’s plenty of Lowery in there, thankfully.