1Password launches a public beta access key for your browser

The best password manager for families, 1Password has now released a beta version of its browser extension that now supports password login to select services.

Once users install the beta browser extension, the password manager will be able to create, store, and allow access keys to be shared. All major browsers are supported, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari – and even the anonymous Brave browser.

You can pre-order the new Google AI tool for Workspace now

Google’s new AI companion, Duet, is now available for pre-order ahead of its general availability later this year.

The generative AI tool is part of Google Workspace and can help employees write content, visualize and organize workflows, enhance meetings, and more.

The Elder Scrolls 6: everything we know so far

Elder Scrolls 6 the release date is probably very far away, if you believe Bethesda’s comments at all. It was revealed almost five years ago, Elder Scrolls 6 is almost a complete mystery at this point, although there are hints of what it might look like at launch.

What we can say for sure is this Elder Scrolls 6 is in development and that it will be the next release for Bethesda Game Studios Starfield is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This makes the 2025/2026 window seem like the earliest possible release date for The Elder Scrolls 6, although it could be even later at this point.

HBO just canceled one of its best detective shows, but it’s still worth watching on Max

Legal series Perry Mason was canceled after two seasons by HBO – and I couldn’t be more upset.

According to Hollywood reporter (THR), a show that ran from 2020 to 2023, was maintained by a Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD). No reason was given for the *hem* verdict in the courtroom, but it seems so Perry Mason it just didn’t grab enough viewer attention to get a third outing.

Many Android apps have been installing adware for half a year

Recently, tens of thousands of Android apps were discovered that placed adware on devices for months.

That’s according to a new report by Bitdefender cybersecurity researchers. After implementing anomaly detection in its mobile security solution last month, the company found 60,000 unique apps that pretended to be various security, utility and entertainment apps, but were actually just adware.

Inspired by Junji Ito’s horror, World of Horror is full of secrets and horrors

New Junji-Ito and Lovecraftian Horror A world of horror is due for release later this year, and so far the retro-horror RPG looks like more than just a disturbing game.

This year has been very kind to horror fans Amnesia: Bunker AND last attempts providing some blood-curdling content. But thanks to the publisher Ysbryd Games and programmer Panstasz the fun is not over yet.

FBI warns that compromising deepfakes are on the rise

The FBI issued the warning to all Internet users that cybercriminals can use their photos to create illegal and obscene deepfakes for blackmail purposes.

The advisory describes “malicious actors creating synthetic content … by manipulating benign photos or videos to target victims”, which it blames on artificial intelligence.

Images of the Starfield controller appear ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase this week

Starfield receives a significant presentation right after this week’s Xbox Games presentation, and it looks like one of its potential surprises has surfaced early on the internet.

Bethesda Game Studio Starfield it’s just months away from its September 6 launch, and it looks like there’s going to be a limited edition Xbox Wireless Controller to go with it. This is claimed by one Reddit user (now deleted) who uploaded images gamepad boxes for Starfield subreddit.

If you’re reading just one thing today: Sony’s new 5-star budget in-ear headphones just got even cheaper

I’ve gone to great lengths to garner praise for the great Sony WF-C700N. These affordable buds are in my pick of the top three noise-canceling earbuds to pack in your carry-on luggage this year, they earned five sweet stars in an intense review AND I even told Sony to just “take my money”. They are so good.

If you need further explanation as to why I’m bringing them up again, see our Sony WF-C700N review, specifically subtitled: “best earbuds for $119/£99? You’re looking at them.”

Apple Maps will finally get this handy Google Maps feature in iOS 17

We recently reported on a set of alleged Apple Maps iOS 17 updates that could finally make you switch from Google Maps, but it’s now been confirmed that Apple’s navigation app is getting a feature that Google’s platform has had for years.

When iOS 17 arrives later this year, the update will bring offline functionality to Apple Maps for the first time. According to Apple’s own description, “users [will be able to] easily select an area on your device and download it with one touch. offline [they] will have access to detailed navigation while driving, walking, public transport and cycling; see estimated time of arrival; find places in Maps; and more.”

In other words, you’ll soon be able to download directions and information for entire areas before you hit the road, saving yourself the frustration of losing your connection – or using up precious cellular data – when you’re away from home.

(Image credit: Apple)

iOS 17 also introduces the ability to check the availability of electric vehicle charging in real time in Maps (above). Apple says the app will filter by charging network and plug type, and users of compatible vehicles will be able to select their preferred options.

Apple is also making it easier to discover park trails across the US by introducing location cards in iOS 17 Maps, which will include details such as trail length and type, difficulty, and elevation gain. Presumably, this feature will roll out to other regions shortly after the US version of the app debuts.

Rumors about upcoming Apple Maps updates in iOS 17

Apple Maps “Live Activity” interface update images leaked (Image credit: Future / @analyst941)

We’ve yet to see Apple confirm the “Live Activity” lock screen feature by this serial Apple tipster @analyst941 was teased back in May (above), so this could be something the company is holding onto for future iterations of iOS 17.