What Makes Noise Canceling on the AirPods Pro 2 so good? One billion transistors

Placing the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 headphones Apple unveiled at the Far Out event on September 7 in my ears in the Steve Jobs Theater hands-on space, I was looking forward to experiencing what Apple promised would be a 2x better active noise canceling experience. Even in this bustling space, I was surprised at their effectiveness, which is mainly due to the new Apple H2 chip.

Apple’s silicon, which some say started with the iPhone and its specially designed A-series chips, has spread across a range of devices, including Macs and tablets with M-series processors – but the H2 predecessor that appeared on the original Pros AirPods in H1 chip form, in fact predates the Apple Silicon concept (similar to the original A series).

I bought a refurbished iPad Pro – and probably won’t buy a new gadget again

In my time at TechRadar I made sure I was a master of used products; buying your favorite gadgets is a great way to save money and the environment in one go. But since all the gadgets I use are maintenance loans, I didn’t really have to buy any technology for four years.

However, since I will be leaving TechRadar soon, the situation is different. I am now at the point where I need to start buying my own technology again. I have to spend my own money on the devices I will have – and the lack of such a position for a while makes it a really very scary change.

The game is underway with the first roaring trailer for Netflix Enola Holmes 2

Full spoilers appear in Netflix’s Enola Holmes movie.

Netflix debuted with the official trailer for Enola Holmes 2.

Here’s your first fantastic look at Shadow and Bone Season 2

Netflix debuted the first trailer for the second season of Shadow and Bone.

The trailer for the first flush, which was revealed during Tudum 2022, offers only the shortest nagging remarks for the show’s next season. Despite being only 40 seconds long, it packs a lot of material in no time, with numerous quick cuts that provide an enticing look at what’s going to happen in the series’ second installment.

The Crown Season 5 has a royal brilliant Netflix release date

Finally, Netflix revealed the release date of season five of the popular royal series The Crown.

The streamer shared the news at the annual Tudum fan event confirming this Crown season 5 premiere on Wednesday, November 9.

Wednesday’s first Netflix clip contains an unexpected reference to Captain America

Netflix revealed the first extended clip of the upcoming Addams TV series on Wednesday.

The 90-second clip, which was released as part of the Netflix Tudum 2022 global fan event, gives us a glimpse into the moody yet humorous aesthetic and tone the Netflix series is aiming at. Oh, and it also includes an unexpected Marvel reference that Captain America would be proud of.

Elegant Jason Momoa sets the law in the first clip for the Netflix movie Slumberland

Netflix debuted the first clip for the upcoming fantasy adventure film Slumberland – and it looks fantastically beautiful.

Released at the Tudum 2022 global fan event, Netflix gave us the first proper look at a family movie starring Jason Momoa. And, by all accounts, it looks like it’s going to be a fun and potentially uplifting Netflix movie.

Pinocchio Guillermo Del Toro looks charming in new Netflix material

Netflix has released a stunning behind-the-scenes look at the making of Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Pinocchio movie.

New footage, released at the annual Tudum streamer fan event, sheds light on the complex processes involved in creating an animated stop-motion movie.

Your Season 4 has a release date – and it’s in two parts

Your season 4 finally got a release date – or two release dates, rather, as the psychological thriller series will come in two parts.

Netflix, announced at Tudum 2022, has confirmed that the next part of Joe Goldberg’s story will be launched in two parts. Your Season 4 Part 1 will be released on February 10, 2023, and Part 2 will debut on the streaming service a month later. This is March 10, 2023.

The Witcher: Blood Origin Gets Winter Netflix Release Date

The Witcher: The Origin of Blood will be released on Netflix on December 25, 2022.

The fantasy spin-off series announced during Tudum 2022, which has reportedly been plagued by developmental problems in recent months, will finally hit Netflix on Christmas Day.