Google is reviewing its employee performance systems

According to a report by CNBC (opens in a new tab)detailing employee dissatisfaction with Google’s revised review and development (GRAD) system.

Reportedly, at a recent meeting of all members, the company’s management revealed just how serious the changes could be. Most importantly, up to 6% of the tech giant’s employees could fall into the lower-ranking category, a three-fold increase from 2% previously.

When will Black Panther: Wakanda Forever come to Disney Plus?

It’s official: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has a Disney Plus release date. The latest Marvel movie will finally debut on the streaming platform on February 1, 2023.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was released in theaters on November 11, so it’s been two months since its worldwide release. Fortunately after a long wait Marvel confirmed (opens in a new tab) coming to one of the best streaming services next month.

Betting giant BetMGM reveals data leak and customer data theft

According to reports, a major sports betting company, BetMGM, suffered from a cybersecurity incident that allegedly stole the data of over 1.5 million users.

A cybercriminal going by the alias “betmgmhacked” went to a hacking forum to post an advertisement for a database containing “all BetMGM casino customers as of November 2022”.

Anker admits that Eufy has camera security issues

Anker has confirmed that one of its security camera products had serious security vulnerabilities that allowed unauthorized third parties to view live camera feeds. It also confirmed that it sends mobile push notifications with people’s faces through the cloud to users’ endpoints (opens in a new tab).

Security researcher Paul Moore recently discovered that the Eufy Doorbell Dual camera feed (owned by Anker) can be accessed via a web browser simply by knowing the correct URL, no password required.

Comcast Xfinity accounts are being targeted in 2FA circumvention attacks

Reports claim that someone has found a way to bypass Comcast Xfinity’s two-factor authentication (2FA) security and hack into countless accounts.

Once circumvented, attackers can use compromised accounts to attempt to compromise cryptocurrency exchange accounts and cloud storage services.

The FBI gives ad blockers its seal of approval

We’re entering the holiday season, the peak time of online fraud trading – but thankfully the FBI has stepped in, recommending the use of ad blockers to stay safe.

In a recent public announcement, the agency warned that fake ads can be placed at the top of search results, indistinguishable from the results themselves, and can be very persuasive when impersonating legitimate brands.

Shoemaker Ecco reveals nearly 60 GB of customer data

Shoemaker Ecco has been operating a misconfigured database for over a year, exposing huge amounts of sensitive information to anyone who knows where to look.

This is according to a new report from cybernews (opens in a new tab), whose research team recently identified 50 Ecco indexes made available to the public. In total, the database contains over 60 GB of sensitive data, which is available as of June 2021.

Seven iOS 17 Wishes I Want to See for My iPhone

The end of the year is usually the time when people reflect on what happened in the previous year, and the same goes for Apple software, especially iOS.

Since 2007, with the debut of the iPhone and iOS, there have been new software updates each year that bring big changes or small improvements, such as a redesign in iOS 7 or home screen widgets in iOS 14.

Google Pixel phone plans for 2023 and beyond leaked

Google’s latest flagship phones are the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro, but the leaked roadmap gives us an idea of ​​the tech giant Pixel’s plans for the next few years – until 2025. seems to be seeing foldable phones, spec upgrades and more.

This is an intriguing glimpse into the future courtesy of you Android Office (opens in a new tab)though keep in mind that this is by no means official and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Google will change its plans, even if this report is currently accurate. Even the source itself says that the plan of action is not fixed.

Exclusive: Most social media users encounter scams at least once a week

An exclusive TechRadar Pro study found that social media users are becoming more adept at spotting fraud, but many still need to stay vigilant.

First, respondents were asked which social media platforms they use. Facebook took first place with almost 80% of activity on the social networking site. Instagram was next with 68.1%, with Tiktok and Twitter battling for third place with almost 50% of users (49.8% and 47.5% respectively).