Extraction 2 will feature a double action – and a new continuous sequence of one shot

Extraction 2 will feature double the number of action sequences of its predecessor, in line with Netflix’s new behind-the-scenes look.

Released as part of the Netflix Tudum 2022 celebration, the feature film takes viewers through the process of creating an action movie starring Chris Hemsworth. And based on what director Sam Hargrave teases, it looks like Extraction 2 will really amplify the action from the Netflix movie that preceded it.

Jamie Foxx uncovers a spooky plot in the live first trailer for They Cloned Tyrone

The first trailer for They Cloned Tyrone landed online – and it looks like the riots are absolute.

Revealed at Tudum 2022, a global Netflix fan event, the sci-fi comedy starring Jamie Foxx, John Boyegi and Teyonah Parris looks like it could be a huge hit when it comes out.

The Apple Watch SE 2 may not be the upgrade you’ve hoped for – but it’s okay

If you’ve been waiting for the Apple Watch SE 2, you may be wondering why you bother about it, because while there’s a good chance we’ll see the wearable at the iPhone 14 launch on September 7, it doesn’t sound like “I’ll be a lot of updates.

This is what Mark Gurman says – a journalist and a leak with Apple’s excellent information record. In its latest Power On Newsletter (opens in a new tab) for Bloomberg Gurman says Apple will unveil the Apple Watch SE 2 on September 7, but it will be almost identical to the original Apple Watch SE.

Halo Infinite split-screen co-op is back from the dead

Halo Infinite fans have discovered a way to play the split-screen co-op shooter after officially exiting the game mode.

While a local campaign co-op was previously announced for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries’ head of creative Joseph Staten has confirmed that work on the mode was scrapped in a recent video update (opens in a new tab). As noted Eurogamer (opens in a new tab)fan on Twitter (opens in a new tab) discovered a workaround that allows players to access the shelf features.

Cloudflare blocks kiwi farms in the fight against extremist content

Cloudflare looks like it’s back on its way decision not to block troll sites (opens in a new tab) who use its services announcing the blocking of the notorious Kiwi Farms forum.

The site, widely known for harassing minority social groups, will now be blocked from using any of Cloudflare’s services, CDN (opens in a new tab) supplier confirmed.

The leak of Intel Raptor Lake reveals a whole range of processors appearing at the time of release

According to the latest rumors, Intel Raptor Lake processors will be launched with 12 different models of desktop processors for consumers.

It comes from Wccftech (opens in a new tab)who got their hands on a leaked spec sheet for the initial 13th generation chip set.

Business news revenue to reach $ 78 billion by 2027

According to a study by Juniper Research that attributes the popularity of Rich Communication Services (RCS), the value of the mobile business messaging market will reach $ 78 billion by 2027.

Operators hope this combination will allow them to compete better with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and open up a new revenue stream.

Google is testing new payment methods on the Play Store, but not everyone will be happy

Google has launched a pilot program that will broaden the scope Payment methods supported by Play Store, the official Android app market.

As explained in support documentation (opens in a new tab)the trial period will allow Android developers in the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Indonesia, India and Japan to implement billing systems that are not owned and operated by Google.

Apple 2022 Events: Estimated Product Launch and Dates

When is the next Apple event? If you’re waiting for Apple’s next Big Thing to launch, there’s always a question – and while rightly so, there’s no confirmed future Apple event right now (as Apple just had its big ‘Far Out’ event in September), we are able to predict when the next one will likely will be, based on Apple’s history and its rumored plans.

We expect Apple’s next event to be in October 2022, when we’ll likely see the launch of the new iPads and Macs, and perhaps the long-awaited HomePod 2.

Labor Day 2022 TV sales: all the best deals still available today

Don’t worry if you’re joining us to take part in this year’s Labor Day TV Sale. The big day may be in the past, but there are still amazing discounts on everything from cheap HD screens to high-end 4K and OLED displays at stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Samsung and Amazon.

We’ve already seen some great TV deals in the run-up to Labor Day, and the vast majority of them are still available today. There weren’t many new additions the same day, so if you’ve bought before or waited until now, you can walk away with the same savings.