Microsoft is plunging into new depths with Edge browser ads in Windows 11

Windows 11 (and 10) users have been experiencing a hefty wave of Edge ads lately, as Microsoft seems rather unwise to be dead trying to get people to use the browser instead of Chrome (or other rivals).

Windows latest (opens in a new tab) We’ve discovered several new ad initiatives, the first of which is an extension of something we recently wrote about.

Dish Network went down after a suspected cyberattack

Reportedly, Dish Network suffered a highly destructive ransomware attack that took down the company’s websites and apps, as well as disabled access to call centers and cut off access to internal systems for remote workers.

Customers were also affected by the incident as it was not possible to log into some Dish TV channel apps.

Gmail has stopped working again, but it seems to be working now


The Gmail outage happened around 1pm GMT / 8am ET – which is when many US users were able to log in to work.

Outage tracking website DownDetector has reported a huge increase Gmail reports from users in the UK and US.

(Image credit: DownDetector)

That’s quite a spike in the number of users reporting issues with Gmail…

Creepy red X on Google Workspace status panel (opens in a new tab) confirms that there is indeed something wrong with gmail.

Gmail crash

(Image credit: Google Workspace)

Users continue to report Gmail crashes on DownDetector in both the UK and US, with reports exceeding 10,000 in the latter.

We’ve yet to receive an official confirmation or response from Google – but we remain glued to the social media pages for any updates…

Problems with Google DownDetector

(Image credit: DownDetector)

An interesting side note – at least in the UK, the mysterious issue appears to be affecting several other Google platforms.

DownDetector UK shows spikes in reports of problems with Google Drive, Google Nest and the Google homepage itself.

Well, it seems that reports of downtime are dropping sharply in all markets, so it may be that the Gmail problem is over.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation in case there are any further updates, but for now, things seem to be back to normal for Gmail.

The coolest thing OnePlus is showing at MWC 2023 is not a phone

Early on February 27, we brought you our hands-on OnePlus Pad review and an in-depth look at the OnePlus 11 concept; after spending some time with them ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

However, now that the doors to MWC have officially opened, we’ve been lucky enough to stumble across another ‘cool’ OnePlus gadget that – like the OnePlus Pad – should be hitting the market soon.

EA wants to remake Dead Space 2, but I just want the original game

AND dead space 2 or 3 remakes could be on the cards if the EA poll is to be believed, but honestly I’m not too excited about the idea.

EA may want to capitalize on the game’s success Dead Space Remake renewing the other two games in the series. Although EA has not yet confirmed this possibility dead space 2 or 3 rewrites, poll leaked by gloomy forest developer Dillion Rogers at Twitter (opens in a new tab) which raises questions as to whether fans would be “interested” in more remakes.

Microsoft unveils the new Azure platform to power the future of 5G and beyond

Microsoft has announced details of its new Azure platform, which it says will bring the cloud and the edge closer together with the power of 5G.

Speaking at the MWC 2023 launch, Microsoft says it’s time to move away from legacy systems as 5G development continues to accelerate, citing improved throughput, reliability and reduced latency as some of the key advantages of 5G connections.

Netflix is ​​making a Pokémon TV show – and it looks absolutely gorgeous

Netflix has announced that it is teaming up with The Pokémon Company to create a brand new Pokémon TV show.

Revealed as part of Pokémon Day, which is celebrated annually on February 27, the world’s top streaming service has announced Pokémon Conciergestop-motion animated series that will debut on its platform at some point.

Most ransomware payments are used to fund many further attacks

New research has shown that when cybercriminals manage to extort money from a ransomware victim, they rarely use the cash for the holidays – instead, they use the newly acquired funds to fund more cybercrime activities.

AND report (opens in a new tab) from Trend Micro claims that while only 10% of ransomware victims pay the ransom, the amount paid is often used in future attacks.

OnePlus Pad: Everything you need to know

After years of making impressive Android phones, OnePlus has finally evolved into tablets with the OnePlus Pad – and we were able to get a glimpse of the new device at MWC 2023.

For our first impressions, head over to our hands-on OnePlus Pad review, but we’ve also decided to keep this product hub live in case you want to read about the OnePlus Pad in a more general sense.

Lenovo refurbishes ThinkPad laptops with many new versions

Lenovo took the stage at MWC 2023 to showcase the latest generation of its lineup of ThinkPad laptops, as well as IdeaPad and ThinkCenter products, with eye health being of paramount importance this time around.

In addition to the fairly extensive use of low blue light technology, designed to reduce eye strain, Lenovo has also made a number of other improvements to display quality and sizes across the board.